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What do you think about our new mainpage? - ალ-ო () (Alsandro) 11:42, 20 ივლისი 2006 (UTC)

Wel, I had to find the old first to compare. :-) But, after having found it, I find it better than the old one: colors are better, balance looks beter also (less whitespace), and I thnk less "Wikipedia-clutter". Also a little bit shorter, which is ok too.
A few remarks, purely about the visual aspect:
  • The most upper rectangle, the one with the links to the categories and containing the number of articles is not the entire width on my screen, and thus creates a little assymetry. Also, the spacing between that one and the 2 under it is slightly bigger than the other spaces.
  • The background of the picture-box is white. Blue migth look better. I'd also have a little more space between picture and text.
  • The box with Commons-links has an empty line at the bottom, for no reason.
Greetings, --Tuvic 12:05, 20 ივლისი 2006 (UTC)

Thanks much. the link on the sitenotice above leads you to the vote page where all the versions are. Mainly two new versions are being voted for and the current one has a slight majority. It's posted as a mainpage only for a day to test some bugs. Which browser do you use? I've made it on safari and tested on firefox - the width of the top box seems to coincide with the lower boxes in my window... also, I couldn't figure out why the spacing b/w one and the two under is bigger... here is a test page of this version if yuo could see. I'll fix the background of the picture box and the line in commons-links. - ალ-ო () 13:15, 20 ივლისი 2006 (UTC)

The first 2 lines of the test-page number 4 should be like this:
<!-- ---------- სათაურის დასაწყისი --------------------------- -->
{| width="100%" style="border-spacing:0px;margin:0px"
That way, my points about the first box are solved at my machine, using Firefox webbrowser.
Good luck with the vote for the new mainpage, but I'm not going to vote (I probably aren't even allowed to vote), because this is an internal affair here. --Tuvic 14:09, 20 ივლისი 2006 (UTC)
I tested the code but in fact this one makes it look shorter, otherwise it was ok for me, the only thing is the distance b/w the boxes... as of the voting, everyone who contributes here is welcome, if you can compare two versions #2 and #4 (also unofficial #5 is a modification of #4 without blue box on the top) and post your remarks, that should be fine. - ალ-ო () 15:15, 20 ივლისი 2006 (UTC)
Weird. Probably some other handling of code by the browsers. It doesn't make a huge difference, however. --Tuvic 15:39, 20 ივლისი 2006 (UTC)
our მედიავიკი:monobook.css is terribly outdated, I tested some new updates on my skin and we'll need to update the main one, hopefully, soon. ალ-ო () 16:21, 20 ივლისი 2006 (UTC)
Keeping up with progress is difficult, at times. :-) --Tuvic 17:29, 20 ივლისი 2006 (UTC)
true... speaking of monobook, we just updated it, you would notice some changes, if reloaded. ...redirect button on top of the edit window does show properly, can you think of a reason? - ალ-ო () 17:46, 20 ივლისი 2006 (UTC)

I suppose you mean "doesn't show". Yes, I can think of a reason: it's added with the მედიავიკი:monobook.js-javascript, where the location is given as

but, at your wiki (ka in the url) there is no image with that name. You folks probably just copied the monobook from the English wiki, and changed the "en" into "ka", but the file is not present here. Solution would be to

  • Upload the file here, and use that url in the script
  • Change the url in the script from


the location at Commons where the file is present.

Might I also suggest to change მედიავიკი:sharedupload a bit, so that is more obvious that the file is from Commons, and not from the ka-wikipedia. This is our (Dutch) version. nl:MediaWiki:Sharedupload. --Tuvic 20:53, 20 ივლისი 2006 (UTC)

Thanks, it was helpful. - ალ-ო () 03:12, 21 ივლისი 2006 (UTC)
You're welcome. --Tuvic 12:48, 21 ივლისი 2006 (UTC)