Syntax: {{ FrRepCalHead | Legend | PicFile }}

დოკუმენტაცია დოკუმენტაცია


The French Republican Calendar was a highly structured, if short-lived, calendar intended to make its users more aware of the natural world around them.

The three templates {{FrRepCalHead}}, {{FrRepCalLine}} and {{FrRepCalFoot}} have been set up to highlight some of the patterns in the structure by using formatted tables to display the calendar information. The three templates will respectively open a table, display a table row of calendar information, and close the table.


{{ FrRepCalHead | Legend | PicFile }}


  • Legend. The month name, and its date range in the Gregorian date system, used as a column header in the calendar table.
  • PicFile. An optional image file to display at the top of the month column.


{| style="background:#ffffff;"
 {{FrRepCalHead | [[Brumaire]] (22 October ~ 20 November) | Brumaire commence le 23 octobre.jpg }}
 {{FrRepCalLine | 1 | 22 Oct | Pomme | [[Apple]] }}
 {{FrRepCalLine | 2 | 23 Oct | Céleri | [[Celery]] }}

will display as

Brumaire (22 October ~ 20 November)
1 22 Oct Pomme (Apple)
2 23 Oct Céleri (Celery)

Each block of calls to format table rows with {{FrRepCalLine}} should be preceded by a call to {{FrRepCalHead}} to start the table, and followed by a {{FrRepCalFoot}} to close it. For more information on the other templates, see their own documentation.